There are useful applications such as circular boards, bulletin boards, time cards, and organization calendars.

Using the app provided by proaxia, you can check your company’s calendar from the smartphone, and you can reply and report work in the circular board.
Microsoft 365 is also used as groupware to support user work style reformation.

How to use Microsoft 365.
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※ Now we can only support Japanese edition.

Installation Procedure

You can check the Outlook schedule and attendance status by organization / group
Microsoft 365 Organization Calendar launched
Services customized to your company’s Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 App Customization Service launched

By using the application provided by proaxia, you can create such a groupware portal on Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Organization Calendar

We also provide more convenient premier apps using the latest technologies such as Microsoft Graph and Office UI Fabric React.
It is an application that fulfills the needs such as searching for users in the organizational structure, checking schedules, holding meetings, and searching for available conference rooms.


Microsoft 365 Group Flow

Microsoft 365 workflow created in 3 steps.
Supports complex flows such as Excel application, sending back and conditional branching.

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Document Reader

You can check the read status and mark as favorites in the document library.

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Information Circular Board

Provides the ability to circulate to multiple users in Microsoft 365.
It is also compatible with smartphones, so you can view the circulation while swiping. Other than displaying on the screen, it also provides operability for smartphones.

Other services offer similar functionality, but often require additional service contracts.
This application is provided in the form of a SharePoint hosted add-in and runs on SharePoint Online, so no additional services are required.

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Time Card

You can use Microsoft 365 to record your work, work leave, work hours, and simple work reports.

It can be used with an Microsoft 365 account, so user registration is not required and it can be used immediately after installing in your own Microsoft 365.

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Outlook Attachment ZIP Encryption External Email Alert Add-in

Provides warnings when sending emails to external users and ZIP encryption of attached files.

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SharePoint Explorer

If you use SharePoint Explorer, you can operate all document library files as if you were using Explorer.

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Microsoft 365 Application Customization Service

proaxia uses the technology and know-how that has developed apps that use various Microsoft 365 services to build a system that links Microsoft 365 with apps and business systems that are more suited to the business of Japanese companies.
Use the following customization services to make Microsoft 365 more convenient.