Microsoft 365 Workflow is Created in 3 Steps
Supports Complex Flows such as Excel Application, Send-back and Conditional Branching

It is a workflow add-in that can be used simply by registration into SharePoint Online of Microsoft 365. A flexible flow can be performed by controlling the workflow with a state machine.
For example, it is possible for validation by the amount described in Excel, or restrict the operations based on roles such as authority and applicant’s supervisor.

※ Now we can only support Japanese edition.

Step 1 Create application input screen

Create an input screen for application by drag and drop.
You can also use Excel files.

Step 2 Create application text

Create the application text using the items on the input screen.
You can include input fields and Excel name definition fields.

Step 3 Workflow definition

Define the workflow to process the application.
A workflow is defined by states and operations called stages.

By default, a workflow is defined in which the supervisor of the requester approves / rejects. For each operation, you can specify who can do it.
For example, bypass approval is possible only for the supervisor of the client’s manager. In addition, notification emails can be sent to related parties during operation.
It is also possible to specify the operation conditions and limit the target operations according to the conditions of the application contents.
This also allows you to change the approval route with the amount of money.