Provides email mis-sending prevention and attachment encryption add-ins that can be used in Outlook (desktop)

The add-in could be installed and used immediately.
Install it as a countermeasure against your information leak.

※ Now we can only support Japanese edition.

Key features of free add-ins

  • Warning when sending e-mail to external users
    When sending email to external receipients, a dialog requesting confirmation of the email address is displayed.
  • Countdown function when sending e-mail to external receipients
    After clicking the send button, the countdown starts. It is possible to cancel transmission on the way.
  • ZIP encryption of attachments
    Automatically zip-encrypts emails with attached files.
  • Create password email
    Automatically generate the password required to unzip the encrypted attachment.

For details, refer to the product page or usage page.

Information leakage countermeasures for your company
Doesn’t it bother you?

“The default Outlook settings do not support attachment encryption or external email alerts”

Please use the add-in provided by our company

We offer add-ins with “External Receipients Warning” and “Attached File Encryption” functions that can be used in Microsoft 365 Outlook (Desktop).

Just install it on your current Windows and you can use it right away.
We strongly recommend that you install it as a measure against your information leakage.

If you use the “External Receipients Warning” function, the add-in checks whether there is any external receipients and prompt a warning when sending mail.

In addition, by using the “Attached File Encryption” function, the add-in encrypt and create ZIP file for attachments, as well as a password notification email.

Click here to download the free add-in