Support system construction using voice

In recent years, the use of cognitive services has progressed, and voice-based systems are used in various fields.

proaxia-consulting is developing “Voice Recognition Transcription Log Distribution System” , “Multilingual Translation Server System” , “Robotic Voice Conversation Platform Software” to use speech recognition / translation / speech synthesis platform.

We also support the construction of a speech recognition / translation / speech synthesis platform and dictionary tuning to meet your needs.

Automatic voice to text conversion using AI and Automatic translation

By using the “Voice Recognition Transcription Log Distribution System”, it is possible to convert voice input data into text in real time using AI and output it.
The voice input source and text output destination can deliver voice recognition transcription logs not only to the same application but also to different systems.


Robotic Voice Conversation Platform Software

We provide an infrastructure environment for realizing voice conversations with robots using “Robot platform software” and “Speech recognition / translation / synthesis server system”.


We are continuing to develop these functions through joint research and development with the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute, including functions such as “speech recognition”, “speech synthesis”, and “multilingual translation” that are necessary to realize a smoother voice conversations with robots.

Construction and operation of speech recognition / translation / speech synthesis platform

  • Speech translation server construction service.
    • On-premise cloud support.
    • Easy connection with robot software.
  • Operational Results
    • aws / Azure / IBM Cloud

Proper nouns registration service

  • Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean dictionary registration.
    • Tuning the dictionary according to the usage is possible.

Various speech recognition engine evaluation services

  • Various engine evaluation services.
    • Recognition performance evaluation by WER.
    • BLEU translation performance evaluation.