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【Personal Information Protection Philosophy】

proaxia consulting K.K. conducts business activities related to system implementation consulting and development. Personal information obtained from customers through business activities and personal information of employees of the Company are important for us to be protected without failure and we recognize it as a social responsibility.
Therefore, the Company handles personal information acquired through business activities considering the following policies, provide “security” to our customers and employees, and fulfill social responsibilities regarding the protection of personal information.


1. Acquisition, usage, and provision of personal information

  • We will acquire personal information by lawful and fair procedure.
  • Personal information will be used in the necessary scope to achieve the purpose of use.
  • Get the agreement in advance before providing personal information to a third party.
  • We will not use the collected personal information for any other purpose. We will reconsider of doing so.
  • If it necessary to use for a purpose other than the intended purpose, it will be used after receive newest agreement for the new purpose of use.

2. Regarding laws and regulations, national guidelines and other norms (hereinafter referred to as “laws”)

We will always try to understand the laws and regulations related to businesses that handle personal information, and make them known to employees engaged in our business (hereinafter referred to as “employees”) and comply with them.

3. Regarding safety management of personal information

  • To prevent various risks such as unauthorized access to personal information, leakage of personal information, loss, or damage, we will establish and maintain a system to take prompt corrective measures for the safety management of personal information.
  • We will conduct inspections, promptly correct any violations or accidents that are founded, and take preventive measures against weak points.
  • Thorough training on safety will be provided to employees.

4. Regarding complaints and consultations
For complaints and consultations, we will establish a system for inquiring personal information and establish a system that can respond promptly and respond faithfully.

5.Regarding continuous improvement

  • In order to protect personal information, our personal information protection management system monitors and audits the status of compliance with internal regulations, strives to discover violations, incidents, accidents and weaknesses, and conducts reviews by management. This will be reflected in management measures and internal regulations, and we will strive to continually improve the personal information protection management system.
  • In the improvement, we will follow the laws, regulations, and JIS Q 15001.

Established date: May 1, 2016
Update date: May 1, 2020
proaxia consulting K.K.
Yoshihiko Maeda, CEO

About the handling of personal information

【Purpose of use for directly acquiring from the person other than in writing】

Type of personal informationPurpose of useDisclosure category
System data entrusted by business partnersSystem maintenanceUndisclosed
Career information of partner company employeesConfirmation of technical background and proposal to customersUndisclosed

【Purpose of use of retained personal data】

Type of personal informationPurpose of use
Information of the person who requested materials or inquiredInquiries and service information
Supplier informationContact with suppliers, fulfillment of contracts, request for performance, etc.
Information about candidates and applicantsRecruitment selection, contact
Employee informationEmployment management such as personnel and general affairs

【Regarding the measures taken for the security management of retained personal data】

Formulation of basic policyWe publish the privacy policy on our website.
Maintenance of disciplineWe formulate rules regarding handling methods, persons in charge, and their duties at each stage of acquisition, use, provision, and disposal, and regularly review them.
Organizational safety management measuresWe carry out regular self-inspections, internal audits, and external audits.
Human safety management measuresWe have obtained a confidentiality pledge from our employees and are conducting regular education to our employees.
Physical safety management measuresWe manage areas where personal information is handled and prevent theft of equipment and electronic media.
Technical safety management measuresWe have introduced a mechanism to protect against unauthorized access from the outside.

【Disclosure request procedure】

Our company will notify you of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction of contents, addition or deletion, suspension of use, erasure and suspension of provision to third parties from the person himself or his agent, regarding retained personal data held by us ( The procedure for responding to “Request for Disclosure, etc.”) is as follows.

1. Request for disclosure request

For requests for disclosure, etc., please attach the necessary documents to the request for disclosure of personal information and send it by mail.
When mailing invoices to us, we ask that you use a method that allows you to check delivery records, such as delivery record mail or simple registered mail.
We would appreciate it if you could write “Invoice for Personal Information Disclosure” written in red on the envelope.

2. Documents submitted in requests for disclosure, etc.

If you wish to make a request for disclosure, etc., please fill out all of the prescribed items in the request for disclosure of personal information and mail it.

3. Identity verification

We will verify by phone to confirm the identity of the requester of disclosure.
However, if you are unable to verify by phone, you may be asked to provide a copy of your driver’s license, resident card, health insurance card, etc.

4. Request for disclosure by agent

Please enclose the following documents in addition to the request for disclosure of personal information, etc., when entrusting an agent to request disclosure.

  • Documents to confirm the identity of the agent (copy)
    Driver’s license, copy of resident’s card, health insurance card.
    ※Please prepare a copy with your legal domicile blacked out.
  • Power of attorney (the person must seal the power of attorney and attach a seal registration certificate).
    If the agent is a legal representative such as a parent or guardian, you can also submit a document that shows the relationship with that person instead of a power of attorney.

5. Fees for requests for disclosure and notification of purpose of use

When requesting disclosure of personal information and notification of the purpose of use, a fee of 1,000 yen (including tax) will be charged for each request.
Please enclose a postal fixed amount money exchange for 1,000 yen in the submitted documents. The customer is responsible for paying for the purchase of postal flat-rate money orders and postage to us.
Please note that if the fee is insufficient or if the fee is not enclosed, we will not notify you of the disclosure or purpose of use.

6. How to respond to requests for disclosure, etc.

We will reply by the method (email, fax, mail) received from the requester. If it is difficult to answer by this method, we will reply in writing to the address stated on the invoice.

7. Name of authorized personal information protection organization and address for complaint resolution

Name of authorized personal information protection organization JIPDEC
Where to file a complaintPersonal information protection complaint consultation room
AddressRoppongi First Building,
9-9 Roppongi 1-chome,
Minato-ku Tokyo,
TEL+81 3-5860-7565
+81 120-700-799

※ Please note that the above is not a contact for inquiries regarding our products or services.
※ When we judge that the management of personal information is not appropriate, we would like you to claim a complaint with us first. However, if you are not satisfied with our response, customers can claim a complaint to the above-mentioned “Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization”.

If you have any questions, complaints or consultation, please contact the following office.

proaxia consulting K.K.
Personal Information Inquiry Gate
TEL. +81 6-6949-8952 (Mon-Fri 10:00 to 17:00)
FAX. +81 6-6949-8953

<Person responsible for personal information>
Personal Information Protection Manager
Yoshihiko Maeda

Enactment date May 1, 2016
Last revised date: April 1, 2022
Proaxia Consulting Co., Ltd.
5-15 Taiyuji-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0051 Umeda East Building 5F
Representative Director Yoshihiko Maeda