Do your current BI tools meet your needs?

Solution overview

We provide total support for migrating from your current BI tool to another, from selection to implementation and operation.

Problems that can be solved

  • Solve issues with your BI tools.
  • We provide one-stop analysis of the BI tools you are using and the construction of new BI tools, so you can migrate according to your purpose of use.

Features and strengths of the solution

  • Since the design and construction of the DWH is done at the same time, it is possible to speed up BI tools from the back end.
  • We will develop a prototype and proceed while sharing the image with the user.
  • We also perform operation maintenance and maintenance development after installation.

Expected effects

  • Improved response of report table output.
  • Support for building the optimal BI tool environment.
  • Effective sales activities using reports.