Support for building Power Pages using know-how gained from past achievements

Solution overview

Using Power Pages (formerly Power Apps Portal), a product of Microsoft’s Power Platform, we support the construction of web systems for use by external users, such as applications, searches, and estimates. We also support in-house construction.

Problems that can be solved

  • Easy to operate and maintain, allowing you to build external web systems with low-code development.
  • Servers and databases are included in Power Pages, so there is no need to maintain infrastructure.
  • Data entered on the web can be used for business with Power Apps as is.
  • Highly compatible with Power Automate and Power BI, visualization and integration with other systems can be achieved with low code.

System image

Features and strengths of the solution

  • We have a track record of being in charge of projects for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2021 and 2020.
    You can utilize the various know-how cultivated there.
  • You can implement high-end features not only with low code but also with pro code development.

Expected effects

  • Low-code development allows you to add and operate functions in-house without relying on a vendor.
  • Reducing infrastructure maintenance costs and effort
  • Further utilization of Microsoft 365 and Power Platform