SAP Solutions

SAP FSM – Maintenance Service Support

By using SAP FSM (Field Service Manager), a cloud service for maintenance service support, we will reduce maintenance service costs and increase profits.

By linking the core system SAP ECC and the cloud service SAP FSM, you can achieve consistent data management and build an environment that provides more enhanced maintenance services.

  • SAP FSM Product Description Workshop
  • Training for implementation consultants
  • Training for construction engineers
  • Business Requirements / Operation Confirmation (Fit & Gap) Workshop
  • Introduction work support

Product Site (SAP)

Microsoft 365 Solution

Microsoft 365 Groupware Application

We provide a convenient application to use Microsoft 365 as groupware.

Using the application provided by proaxia, you can check your company’s calendar from the smartphone, and you can reply and report work to the circular board.
Microsoft 365 is also used as groupware to support user work style reformation.


Microsoft 365 Application Customization Service

There are various barriers that are difficult to use and different from conventional groupware on screens made for general purposes. Would you like to make your company’s Microsoft 365 easier to use with custom apps?


Microsoft Teams Utilization Support

When deploying and utilizing Microsoft Teams within a company, we provide a management environment that match with the operational rules of each company.
For example, by building a guest access management environment that is not provided by the Microsoft Teams standard management screen, guest access management for each team is greatly improved.


PowerApps & Microsoft Flow Development / Workshop

Enable low-code development using Microsoft’s Power Platform, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow.

In addition, we support systematization of internal operations at EUC (End User Computing).

  • 1Day Business Application Development
  • SAP System Linkage
  • PowerApps Workshop


Bot Service Development Support

We will support the construction of a Bot service that works with Microsoft 365 using Azure Bot Service allign with your business.

Use the Microsoft Teams chat service as an interface to build an environment for using the Bot service.


Enterprise Product Information Management Platform


VIAMEDICI EPIM is software that manages the collection of various information related to products, and as a catalog of the publication of the information.

By using this product, there is an advantage that the latest information can always be input quickly not only in paper but also in electronic files and electronic data exchange formats.
You can also generate and pass different catalogs for each customer.

Product Site(VIAMEDICI)

Development Solution

Agile Development Support Service

  • Agile process implementation support
    There are different versions of Agile, but in order of effectiveness, we show how to fit the development team culture.
  • Agile tool implementation support
    We will continue to implement tools such as automated testing, issue management, bug tracking, and continuous automation, DevOps and ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) for higher automation.


Spoken Language Processing Solution

We support system development using speech recognition, translation, speech synthesis, etc.

  • Speech recognition, translation, speech synthesis platform construction and operation
  • Proper noun registration service
  • Voice recognition engine evaluation service



Batch Acceleration Framework

There are many strict performance requirements are required in batches that process large amounts of data.
In many cases, we want to improve performance through individual support such as tuning of SQL statements, but there are many significant cases that extend to architectural changes.

Proaxia offers a stream-based batch acceleration framework to solve these problems.