Providing various solutions using multilingual speech processing

Solution overview

Based on our “Multilingual Speech Processing Solution,” we plan, propose, and support system construction tailored to the customer’s current environment and needs.

Problems that can be solved

  • Reducing the cost of creating meeting minutes that include foreign languages.
  • Avoid leakage of important data by providing conference audio through transcription services, etc.
  • Technology development to realize simultaneous interpretation and translation.
  • Service development PoC support using spoken language technology.

Features and strengths of the solution

  • Compatible with cloud, on-premises, and standalone.
  • Estimation support for system introduction costs and operational costs.
  • Own and manage voice data, etc. on your own equipment.
  • Support customer-specific terms by adding dictionaries such as voice recognition.

Expected effects

  • Save labor and reduce costs by automatically converting meeting minutes that include foreign languages into text.
  • Analysis and utilization of text-based sentences.
  • Providing simultaneous interpretation and translation services.
  • Promoting service development using spoken language technology.

[Solution example] Utilization in online learning programs

This is a technology that automatically converts online meetings into text, developed based on our audio solutions.
By identifying the audio of special educational terms for art thinking, which have traditionally been considered difficult, and converting them into text, we provided technical support to deepen discussions, such as reducing costs when reviewing and comparing with other people’s opinions. .