Expected Value for Maintenance Service Department

In order to carry out the operations of customers who use the products smoothly, it is necessary to provide high-quality products and maintenance services to respond quickly in the event of an emergency.

Maintenance services not only provide peace of mind to customers who use products, but also provide a lot of value to the companies that provide them.

Since this is a final process in the process of “Market Research” , “Research and Development” , “Sales Promotion” , “Sales” , “Manufacturing” , “Maintenance” , and it is also a chance to receive information directly from customers and make proposals to customers through services that directly contact customers.

  • You can stay in touch with customers for a long time until the product is phased out
  • The last guardian deity that can appeal for product quality excellence including maintenance
  • Proposal of new products is always possible
  • Feedback on product issues to sales and development

Maintenance Service Review Workshop

When considering the business process of maintenance service, it is necessary to consider the “ideal state of maintenance service” before considering the system.
The ideal state is to create “Strategy”, “Business Requirements”, “Business Flow”, and “Requirement of Support System” so that only key persons (people who know business well) in each department can create the idea.

In this workshop, instead of considering things based on the system premise that is the traditional method, discussions will be held with a view to how to form the services to be realized.

  • Do not consider with system introduction
  • Create the ideal form and consider the business flow that can realize it
  • Decide whether to introduce the system or reform the business