Solutions that benefit from low-code development

Solution overview

Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, etc.) is a low-code development platform from Microsoft.

We offer Power Platform app development solutions and will develop the best app for your business needs.

Problems that can be solved

  • Improving work efficiency, shortening work time, resolving labor shortages, utilizing data, etc.
  • Business applications can be developed with low-code development, and operation and maintenance are easy.

Features and strengths of the solution

  • We have a track record of developing applications of various sizes, and you can utilize the know-how we have cultivated over the years.
  • In addition to low-code, you can also implement high-end features with pro-code development.

Examples of app achievements

Expected effects

  • Improve operational efficiency
    You can automate and improve efficiency of your business. For example, by automating tasks such as inputting customer information, aggregating data, and approving application forms, it is possible to shorten work time, eliminate labor shortages, and improve productivity.
  • Utilization of data
    By accumulating data from apps, you can promote data utilization.
    For example, by collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data, it is possible to make data-based decisions and improve and reform operations.