Accompanying solution to support in-house production of Power Platform

Solution overview

We support efforts to in-house Power Platform application development for the purpose of DX, business efficiency, etc.

We provide a variety of support, including practical application development, human resource development, data utilization, sharing of awareness to utilize data, environmental settings, and support for citizen development.

Problems that can be solved

  • Even without specialized knowledge, you can develop the apps you need and streamline your work.
  • You can master the Power Platform and acquire skills and develop human resources to develop optimal applications.
  • Create an environment for securely using Power Platform.
  • You can promote the aggregation and sharing of data scattered within the company.

Features and strengths of the solution

For several years, we have a track record of supporting major companies with in-house production of Power Platforms.
Based on the know-how we have gained through these efforts, we are able to provide support by combining the necessary solutions according to the customer’s system.

In order to respond to customers’ systems and requests, we envision support through the following five routes.

  • Outsourcing development to vendors + in-house production in information systems department
  • Outsourcing development to vendors + in-house production in the information systems department + citizen development
  • In-house production only in the information systems department
  • In-house production in the information systems department + citizen development

Solution menu classification

The solution menu is broadly divided into the preparation phase and the practical phase.
The preparation phase is divided into four categories: preliminary assessment, planning, training, and environment setting, and the practical phase is categorized into four categories: in-house production support, citizen development support, commissioned development, and after-sales follow-up.

Overview of each solution menu

Image of citizen development support

As shown in the diagram below, we support human resource development based on a pyramid-shaped hierarchy of skill levels.

The figure below is an example of a schedule overview.

First, we will develop core human resources by promoting skill transfer mainly in the IT department.
After that, we will expand it to general users so that it spreads from our core human resources.
In parallel with skill transfer, if there are high-priority apps, we will also develop them.

Expected effects

  • Promote DX and improve operational efficiency with apps developed in-house
  • Fostering in-house human resources and promoting citizen development for in-house production
    In addition, we will develop the underlying system environment and enhance IT governance.