What kind of studies and activities did you do when you were a university student ?

At university, I was enrolled in the Faculty of Business Administration, and studied corporate change by referring to the achievements of real companies. In the seminar I belonged to, instead of writing a graduation thesis, I participated in a business contest and made proposals for life insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies.

For a life insurance company, we proposed an app that trains characters by recording walking records and diet management using a smartphone app as an approach to young people. We thought that users would be able to manage their health while using it as if it were a game, and that the accumulated data could be used by companies.

For pharmaceutical companies, we proposed a service that provides health foods and supplements in a subscription format. It is a service that allows you to understand your nutritional status by registering your usual eating habits in the app, and receive products containing nutrients that are in short supply on a monthly basis. As with the previous service, we also proposed the use of big data on dietary habits by age and gender.

What did you do most when you were a student ?

I read many books when I was a student. As for the genre, I often read novels, especially Shinichi Hoshi’s works.

His writing style is a bit preachy, but there are many stories that are applicable to any era. I often overlook small mistakes and discomfort, and in the end, it becomes a big obstacle and stands in the way of the characters, so I always try to be careful about discomfort when working.

Why did you choose Proaxia Consulting ?

In a university class, I learned that an ERP system is used to manage resource elements, which are the basic elements of corporate management. At that time, I felt the potential and stability of the ERP consultant job as it is a system that plays an important role in running a company.

Among ERPs, SAP has the top share and has been used globally for many years, and it is expected that it will continue to be used in the future.

Since the ERP system is used not only in management departments but also in a wide range of departments such as manufacturing and accounting, we believe that it is necessary to have the ability to negotiate with many customers to become a consultant.
For this reason, in order to grow as a consultant, I believe that I need an environment where I can acquire experience and knowledge while working with experienced senior consultants. I chose this company because it has many experienced consultants.

Also, I am from Osaka, so the fact that the company is headquartered in Osaka was also a positive factor.

What was your impression of consultants when you first joined the company ?

The image of a consultant I imagined was to propose business issues and system improvements to customers and solve them together.

In the case of SAP consultants, since they are consultants for ERP products, it is necessary to fully understand the product functions and propose a system that is more suitable for the customer while performing his own Fit & Gap between the customer’s operation and product functions. I feel that I need to learn more things than I imagined.

What did you learn during the new employee training from April to June after joining the company ?

When I joined the company, I didn’t have any IT skills, partly because I wasn’t involved in IT when I was a student. I was able to acquire the minimum basic knowledge of IT.

For SAP, I received training on basic knowledge of ERP systems in general and his MM (Inventory Purchasing Management) module. By taking the training while actually using SAP, I was able to understand how the ERP system works in conjunction with business and how to operate it in actual business.

In addition to technical training, I also participated in group training outside the company, where I learned business etiquette, ways of thinking, and how to manage day-to-day work that are necessary for working as a member of society. In particular, I feel that [reporting, contacting, and consulting] is an important activity that is indispensable for smooth work even in environments where communication is difficult due to remote work.

What is it like to participate in a customer project ?

I felt that the ERP system is deeply related to the customer’s actual business operations because not only IT staff and implementation vendors but also people from many other departments who are in charge of actual business operations were involved in the project.

There are still many things I don’t understand, and there are many things that I have to go over left and right, but the senior members who are participating with me are helping me, so I want to absorb as much as I can while I am here. How are you doing?

What role do you play in your current project ?

The phase of the project I am currently participating in is the stage of organizing the requirements and the Fit & GAP with SAP, so I participate in customer business hearings and meetings, and I am in charge of work such as compiling documents.

Also, little by little, I have been entrusted with explanations at meetings.

What did you learn from participating in the project ?

Different departments within a client have different ideas and requirements for their business, and I feel that a great deal of business knowledge and product knowledge is required to listen to each of these requirements and successfully incorporate them into the SAP functionality.

In addition, I learned that proper explanation and coordination are necessary not only to coordinate SAP functions with the customer’s business procedures, but also to consider many factors, such as the impact on related departments and the requirements of each department, while putting them together.

What is your current image of Proaxia Consulting ?

Since I am participating in the work together with senior SAP consultants who have a lot of experience, I have them carefully explain any questions I have about my daily work.

The work I am responsible for is also systematically allocated, and with the support I am able to gradually expand the scope of what I can do on my own.

What kind of consultant do you want to be in the future ?

I would like to have not only knowledge of SAP but also extensive knowledge of the customer’s business so that I can make the best proposals to the customer.

At the moment, I am mainly in charge of the MM (inventory and purchasing management) module, but in the future I would like to acquire knowledge of the related PP (production management) module, etc., and become a consultant who can handle multiple modules.

How is the balance between private life and work ?

There is no excessive overtime, and work and private life are separated, so I am able to spend a fulfilling day.

There is no atmosphere that makes it difficult to take vacations, and if you request it, you can take it systematically, so it is very easy to work.

What are your aspirations for the future ?

First of all, I would like to deepen my knowledge of SAP products so that I can make proposals that reduce the need for individual development while making good use of standard functions. For that reason, I will work on my daily work so that I can see and think about things from various angles without giving up easily.

Also, I would like to continue studying English because I would like to participate in global projects in the future.